Managed Services

Underpinning our operations, client satisfaction is a key priority and focus for our teams at all levels. We offer a range of managed services catering to the tailored needs of the client by providing FM consulting, QHSE services, waste and energy management, and stock and supplies management. Based on our expertise in a variety of commercial, high-end retail and mixed developments, we are capable of providing the required energy management and waste management expertise within the sustainability realm. With the help of our trusted sub-contractors, we also provide integrated FM solutions.

Managing Agent services

Interserve Rezayat excels in providing Managing agent services to its clients for years. As managing agents, our team ensures that the property is being managed according to all regulations as per the contract. We ensure that facilities are in satisfactory and properly maintained conditions at all times and ensure cost-efficiencies for our client.

Waste Management

We create cleaner, more efficient communities and workplaces for our diverse clients through a range of waste management services including collection of general waste, recyclables, construction waste, food waste and non-hazardous liquids. We work with our customers across diverse sectors to develop unique waste management solutions. Our cost-effective, efficient and convenient waste management services will reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your environmental performance and savings for your business.

Energy Management

At Interserve Rezayat, our approach to Energy Services is fuelled by insight – putting the power to secure real efficiencies in our customers’ hands. The bottom line is that we can help customers buy better, pay better and use energy better, driving down the life cycle costs of buildings and business operations.

QSHE Services

Creating a safe and healthy working environment is fundamental to us. We are committed to developing a proactive safety culture across the full range of our activities and aim to ensure that none of our employees, contractors, or the people who interface with our operations, become injured or made unwell by the way we carry out our work. Our 'Aim to be Incident Free' campaign, is one of our behavioural change programmes aimed at changing attitudes towards safety

Stock and Supplies management

For successful stock management it is necessary to have a plan to manage and track existing inventory. We manage your inventory and perform timely inspections for a purposeful examination of a facility and its assets with the intent to benchmark or identify problems.

FM Consulting

We work with you, in the early planning phase, to pave the way with accopanying facility mnanagement consuting for optimal, cost effective operation. Our FM consultancy team also exploits potential for energy savings for your building